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Protect what matters most.

There is nothing more precious than your family’s security. That’s why having the right amount of life insurance is so important. Life insurance can offer you peace of mind and help you plan for your family’s financial future.

Do I need life insurance?

Whether or not you need life insurance depends on your unique situation. There can be many things to consider when determining if you need life insurance, some of the most common reasons people get life insurance is to:

  • Provide income to your family/spouse if you were to pass away, this is also known as income replacement

  • Pay off any debts (including home, car, credit card debt, student loans, etc.)

  • Burial/funeral planning so the expenses don't have to be covered by your loved ones

  • Provide funds for your children's education

  • Retirement

  • Leave an inheritance

If you aren't sure if life insurance is the right solution for you, give us a call today and a licensed life insurance expert can guide you in the right direction. 

How much life insurance do I need?

The amount of life insurance you need is unique to your individual circumstances. There are a few different approaches to determining how much you need. Some people are only looking to cover mortgage, while others may be looking to replace income or just cover burial expenses. One of the most common methods used to determine how much you need involves combining debt, mortgage, education expenses for dependents, and income for a certain number of years to determine how much you would need to cover all of those categories. 

Here are a few questions you should think about when looking to determine how much coverage you need:

  • Do you have family you need to support should something happen to you?

  • Have you already saved a substantial amount of money?

  • How much debt do you currently have? 

If you still aren't sure how much you need, we are here to help. Either give us a call today or get a quote and a licensed life insurance expert will give you a call to discuss your needs and help you find your best options. 

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