Get Ready for a New You

Looking for a change in your career?

Imagine how much more business you could write if most of your focus was on writing new business. At CDS we have created a unique Priority Agent Model that makes it easy and affordable for you to run your own business. By helping to take the tedious, everyday tasks off your hands: quoting, mortgage changes, certificates, etc…we help give you the time to work your business the way you’ve always wanted to. You as a CDS Priority Agent can enjoy the benefits of our exclusive program, be part of this dynamic growth plan and reach your full earning potential.

Being a Priority Agent at CDS Includes access to the following no hassle services:

  • E & O Insurance Fund (P&C in appointed States & L&H in AZ, Excludes Securities)

  • Help and training for Quoting (Rapid Responses)

  • Support for Issuing and placing your business

  • Support of Servicing (All Done Locally, In-House, Personal & Professional)

  • Companies Access

  • Access to Customer Database System

  • Detailed Commission Reports (Monthly)

  • Premade, Prefillable Forms (Personal & Commercial)

  • Business Cards

  • Training (In-House Workshops To Enhance Your Business)

  • Mentoring (Hands on or in the field Help from experts with 50+ Yrs of Success)

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